Monday, January 7, 2013

One of those days

You know how you know you're having one of those days? It starts by taking an hour to wrap a package to ship, because turns out your baby is somewhat terrified of the sound of packaging tape, and by the time you calm him down and finish taping, it's time for him to eat again. It continues by you nearly getting ran off the road because someone tries to lane change into your car on the way to the UPS store. When you make it to the parking lot, you will have to juggle a baby in a stroller and a large, cumbersome package that you are clearly JUUUST barely holding on to. Don't worry - no one will offer to give you a hand or even open the door to the UPS store. The guys behind the counter will laugh - outright laugh - when they see you using your stroller to kind of prop open the door so that you can get through with the package.

But it won't bother you too much; people have their things to do just the same as you. But then after you send the package and get the baby back into the car, get buckled in yourself and start driving to your next errand, you'll notice that despite it being January, there is somehow a wasp in your car. This is followed by frantically wishing it to go to the window and lowering the window while at the same time desparately hoping that today is not the day you learn if your baby is allergic to wasp bites.

Thankfully the wasp will leave your car without harming either of you and it's off to the pet store and then home. Your baby, who typically loves going to sleep in his car seat, will still be wide awake, way past his nap time. He will proceed to cry loudly for the next hour as you attempt to calm him with rocking, walking and combinations of the two. Finally he will close his eyes and you will see sleep settling on his eyelids - and then the doorbell will ring, followed by a sharp knock and the puppies barking. Your baby's eyes will snap open and the crying and general fussiness will come back with a vengence. While you contemplate installing a sound proof bubble in your living room, you will walk the baby once again until he calms down.

He will calm down - it will just take a little more time - and he will even close his eyes. He will nap. It won't be long because he wound himself up so much, but it will be long enough for you to recount your day in a blog post. He will even wake up while you are writing and, instead of crying, he will look around and see a toy nearby. He will grab the toy and start playing with it, and smiling, and making happy "ah-goo" noises, and suddenly, if you hadn't written everything else down, you would have forgot about it being one of those days as you go on to enjoy a happy evening.

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