Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Been awhile

Lots of things have happened since last we talked. We have been hosting my family here for the week, which is wonderful. Silas has never been more loved in his life (admittedly it has been a short life thus far.)

Smiley and I moved our computers into the bedroom to make room in our previous computer room for an eventual nursery/bedroom. Maybe. I'm not sure. I really, really hate lights in the bedroom and adding the computers adds three monitor lights, mouse lights, keyboard lights, etc. Plus we had to bring our modem and router in here to keep our computers hooked up to the internet - more lights. And blinking, flashing lights at that.

Last night was new years eve - happy new years! - and also my last day at work. That meant I was up at 6:30am and I surprised myself by managing to stay up until midnight. I went to bed pretty much right after the clock changed and after Smiley and I shared a few kisses. Silas was great and slept about four hours with me before waking up. Upon waking up at 4am, I noticed that Smiley still hadn't come to bed. I looked out our window and saw that the bonfire was still going. Half asleep, I figured that he was probably chatting with people and I went back to sleep.

Later I woke up and the fire was out and Smiley was sleeping and Silas and I got up and played for a bit until I made pancakes for my family. They were delicious.

Anyhow, now I've got a chair for my computer in our room, so I should get back into the swing of writing while Silas sleeps (plus I can put him in his crib and still be near him for naps, which seems to be a plus.

Happy new years, everyone!

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