Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogging from the bedroom!

Huh. That could sound weird, couldn't it?

As I mentioned before though (at least, I think I did. Or I thought about mentioning it and then got distracted by Silas), we've moved our computers into our bedroom to make room in our front room for an eventual nursery. Supposedly it will help me blog because then I can just blog while Silas naps in his crib next to me. We'll see.

You know how sometimes people buy other people gifts, sneakily hoping the other person won't notice that the gift benefits the giver just as much or more than the receiver? Two years ago for Christmas, I got Smiley a monitor. It was a surprise gift and probably the last surprise gift I'll ever give. I was so excited to have kept a present a secret despite it arriving on his day off. He told me never to buy him an electronic without consulting him first. (Electronics are kind of like puppies. You never know how the person receiving one will feel about the gift and in our household, the "big ticket" items like a monitor are meant to last).

Anyhow, once I got over that disappointment, Smiley realized that now he could use both his new monitor and old one and have dual monitors. The desk he was using was too small, so we switched desks. I didn't mind too much; a desk is a desk.

Well, now the monitor "mishap" has come back to me, again.

This Christmas, Smiley's present to himself was a monitor stand. Except when he got around to setting it up and adding the monitors, he realized the one I gifted him had no mounting area. It was unmountable. Yes, this triggered another "see, this is why you should never get me electronics" speech. Trust me, my want to give a surprise gift is perfectly quashed.

So as a solution, I offered up my monitor, which has been with me since my dad made my computer way back when I was going to college. It still works and is pretty decent, if I don't say so myself. Smiley consented to this and said I could use the gifted monitor.

Except that monitor apparently doesn't work with my computer without a new cable. So now I am still unable to use my computer while we wait for a cable to be delivered and in the meantime, I'm blogging off of Smiley's computer on his and mine old monitors while the new monitor sits, blankly, on his old desk next to the crib.

I don't think there's a point to this, or any great metaphor. I just found it amusing and figured someone else might too.

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