Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh boy is it cold!

It has climbed on down into the 40s for the evening and I think that we'll be lucky enough to stay above freezing tonight, but geez weather. I see now that you took my musings to mean "please make it cold and windy!"

That is not what I had intended, but I will say that I enjoyed busting out my old favorite hat tonight on campus. It really made me feel like I was four or five years younger, out facing the world for the first time again. If you're wondering, the hat is a Hello Kitty hat. It has a pink brim and Hello Kitty's face and bow. It is also from the youth section at Target because I have a tiny head.

Did I mention I'm also wearing kid-sized glasses? Yeah, they're High School Musical. (Thankfully you'd never know unless you look on the inside of the arm).

It's not that I cling to kid sizes in an attempt to hold onto my childhood or anything. It's just that I seriously have a tiny head.

Anyhow, being on campus. It's an odd feeling, but I feel great. I love learning, even though a lot of what I'm learning right now is review. But high school chemistry was nearly five.. six, maybe? ... years ago! And while I've taken a couple of biology classes as electives, nothing's gone into as much depth as I'll get to go with Anatomy and Physiology and, of course, later, microbiology.

One of the weirdest changes is responding to a new name. I don't know how many people have experienced this, but growing up, I had a last name that, for what ever reason, people did not pronounce correctly. So I came to expect to correct my teachers and professors on the first day of class. Heck, sometimes "Danielle" is too complicated and I had one occasion in high school gym class where the teacher called me Daniel and mispronounced my last name and I didn't catch it until he was done calling role. (Did I share that story already? I can't remember.)

But now, I have a last name that teachers can pronounce. And so on the first day of classes, all I did was say "here" when my name was called.

It felt like something was missing.

To change trains of thought here briefly, I am pretty excited about the work I've been doing with Silas's sleeping. I've managed to find out that if I slowly, slowly sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," I can get him to go to sleep and - on occasion - go back to sleep. He still is waking up a lot. Typically he'll go down in the crib between 8:30 and 9pm and then it's not unusual for him to half-wake up at 10ish to want to eat. Then back in the crib until 1am, maaaaybe 2am. Then he will wake up at 4 am. And 6am.

Still, the fact is, I have a healthy, super-happy baby, and if he wants to wake up at night, I'm thankful that I am on an easy school schedule this semester so that I can work with him.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I'm going to go put on some warm pajamas for bed. 

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