Saturday, October 8, 2011


This marks my eight post for the month of October and I have to say I'm already faltering (because I can hardly count yesterday!) Part of the issue is just that I don't realize how busy my days are until it's 8 in the evening and I'm wondering where every other hour in the day went until now.

My husband and I recently hung up some pictures in our dining room area in a somewhat decorative manner. You see, the previous owners of our house had basically left up all the nails and hooks from their decorative things and we had just sort of been putting things up in those spots, which had led to several of the walls looking quite awkward, so I was determined to act like we were grown ups who decorated properly and rehang our pictures.

Of course, this didn't address the fact that the things we are hanging up include a picture of a dragon from George R R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, a drawing a wonderful friend gave me of me playing DDR and a painting my husband did in high school of skeletons on a battlefield - things that we love but are decidedly not in the "grown up" category of art.

In any case, we got those hung up in a decorative way, but this left a huge section of wall undressed. We decided the space is perfect for two posters. However, I didn't want to move any of the posters we already have; since I spend a lot of time in my computer room, I want to have my favorite posters there and not in the dining room where I can only look at them a few times a day. So we are going to buy posters.

Now, I remember back in the day that I had gotten posters from Spencer's - you know, that store in the mall with all sorts of drug-referencing clothing and items and tons of joke gifts? Two of my favorite fairy posters were from that store and they're hanging up on the wall right next to my computer. I don't know whether it was the particular store or what, but I guess Spencer's has gone to drug reference only posters. I was kind of disappointed.

So for now we are making do with a huge poster-less space on our wall in the dining room. It's not so bad since, as mentioned, I'm only in there a few times a day. But it still makes me a little sad. I will be happy when we find something to put up there!

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