Monday, October 31, 2011

My only Halloween joke

Man, I've been waiting all year to use this one. Also, it's my only Halloween joke, so chances are you've heard it before. Sorry.

What do you call a sheep that dresses up as a car for Halloween?

A lamborghini!

I'll give you a minute to compose yourself.

Ok, back with me? Please don't throw bricks at my house or anything. I know it's a bad joke. But I made it all by myself and it's probably the only joke I've ever made in my life. So I have to treasure it.

It all started when I worked in the bakeshop at Jewel, which was probably my most glamorous job to date. I'm not sure what that means.

You know how around Easter, grocery stores have those cute little lamb cakes? They usually have the plastic lamb head and then the body is cake and it's frosted and whatnot. Through an ordering error, our store ended up with twice as many lamb cakes as we needed. The demand for lamb cakes goes down exponentially after Easter, so we were stuck with a bunch of them in the freezer.

We still had some around Halloween, so we started joking about dressing the cakes up in costumes and trying to sell a few that way. I'm sure you've noticed that bakeries do this with all of their fancy shaped cakes. A heart shaped cake for Valentine's day gets turned upside down and made into a "pumpkin" for Thanksgiving. Just for an example.

Somewhere along this costumed-sheep theme was were my joke was born. So yes, this joke is several years old and I still grin like a fool every time I tell it. And now you know it. So pass it on! Share it with your friends!

The lamb cakes will appreciate it.

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