Sunday, October 23, 2011

Memories of Cold Times

Yesterday I was talking about the recent spat of cold weather that has been pushing through the air. I figured I didn't want to seem unable to handle the cold, so I wanted to take a moment to do another "picture me" exercise.

When I went to Northern Illinois University, I lived on campus for a grand total of one semester, and though I meet very nice people on my floor, I decided quickly that dorm living was not for me and got an apartment with a guildmate from my guild at the time in WoW. The walk to class was about a mile, which I was ok with. But sometimes, it got really cold in DeKalb.

For those of you unfamiliar with how cold weather and snow works, it basically goes like this. Areas near lakes and water tend to have slightly higher temperatures during the winter and tons more snow. Areas that are just flat, open areas tend to have ridiculously cold temperatures but less snow. I'm still not sure which of the two is the truly ideal circumstance. Maybe I'll make a list of pros and cons for each and then remember that I live in Florida now.

In any case, NIU is in DeKalb where basically it is a college town in the middle of acres and acres and acres of corn field. What I'm saying is that the land is flatter than that one time I made pancakes with old baking powder. And so it got pretty cold.

Did I mention I was going through one of my frequent "no pants" phases? Don't get too excited - I wore skirts and dress instead. Nothing inappropriate! So when the wind chills started pushing -40, you might think that I took a reprieve from this.

No, I know you know me better than that.

So when the weather channel gave me the news that morning, I thought long and hard about my options and then decided to dress like a stylish bag lady. I can still recount the layers. Would you like to recount with me? It's "picture me" time!

I wore a pair of long johns - the newer, thin style that just so comfortable, a pair of leggings over those, a pair of knee high wool socks over those, knee high boots, a long velvet skirt, a tank top, a long sleeved thin knit sweater, a hoodie, a scarf crossed in front of my chest under my jacket for an extra layer of wind protection, my jacket, another scarf on the outside to protect my neck, chin and face, two pairs of gloves and my hello kitty hat.

And then I walked to class and didn't lose even one toe. And it was uphill, both ways.

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