Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cold weather, can't you wait til winter?

Last time I checked, we are still solidly in the "fall" category of seasons, but for the past few days, I've been waking up to see temperatures in the upper 30's. For my out of country friends (hi!) that's just a bit over zero.

I refer to this temperature range as "double sweatshirt weather" - the range being from about 20-40 degrees. Double sweatshirt weather is exactly what it sounds like. Somehow in my impressionable teen years, I got into the habit of thinking that no matter how many layers, scarves or gloves I wore, as long as I didn't wear an actual jacket, I was cool.

I so wish I were kidding but I so am not kidding.

To draw you a picture of this in your mind, picture me. Then picture me wearing a hello kitty hat (from the kid's section at Target; I have a small head), a black scarf, gloves and a sweatshirt. The first sweatshirt is a thinner sweatshirt, one of those more form fitting zip up kinds that I probably got at a Hot Topic. Over it is a decidedly less gothic, more practical oversized pullover hoodie. Can you feel the cool-ness radiating from that picture within your mind? I can, and it's wonderful. It is what keeps me warm.

Now, in the later years I have taken to wearing a coat that my mom got me for my birthday because it is just so darn cute that I don't care if I'm not cool. But in the back of my mind, I always remember my double sweatshirt days.

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