Monday, October 17, 2011

It has almost been one year!

One year since my husband and I bought our house, that is. You know, I've heard it said that time goes faster as you get older, but it's really amazing just how quickly that happens. We've gotten some paint up on the walls and had to completely redo our master bath so far - not because we wanted a new one but because the current one had floors ready to rot out underneath from a bad water leak - and had to deal with roosters in our neighbor's yard, but I'm still happy with it all.

I was trying to think of something to write about this evening; I was sitting in the living room with one puppy curled up on my lap and one at my feet and watching HGTV while in the other room, Smiley was working on his Warhammer 40k models. But even though I have a lot of ideas, nothing formed into a full idea tonight. I think I might have squandered all my creativity on my Halloween costume, which I have almost finished as of tonight. I just need to add the trim and buy a few accessories. But in any case, try as I might, a new post was not jumping onto the page from my brain.

Oh, I have ideas. I'd like to rant about people who put apostrophes in every word that they pluralize, even if the word is not a possessive. Especially if the word is not a possessive. Or people who don't understand how prepositions work. I might have to go back and have a stern word with whomever decided that teaching kids to always use "My friends and I" because now I have to put up with the BS of people thinking they are being so smart by saying "Yes, that happened to my friends and I" and me silently crying invisible tears as I fight back the urge to scream, "To me! To my friends and me! Take out the other noun and what would you say!?"

Actually, I was listening to Dio in the car and the track Sacred Heart came up (worth a listen). But for those not in the mood for some good music, allow me to sadly state some of the opening lyrics:

"Whenever we dream, that's when we fly / So here is a dream, for just you and I!"

Oh Dio, may your soul rest in peace, but was it worth it for a rhyme? I've dealt with it by pretending that the little synth noise after those lines is his way of acknowledging how weird that line sounds. But it's not easy.

So as I was saying; I have a lot of ideas of what to write about. But I think costume making is going to sap a lot of that for a few more days.

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