Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Discuss: Orange Juice and Brownies?

I know I've talked about this before (although not on my blog, so it's fair game for here) - I love orange juice and brownies. You know how some people have their brownies or cookies or whatever with a tall, cold glass of milk? Yeah, that makes me feel the way most people seem to feel about chocolate and orange juice together.

This is a culmination of a few lasting childhood memories.

The first and most drastic event happened when I was fairly young - young enough to not really understand the concept of "use by" dates but old enough to know how to serve myself a cup of milk.

My family had just returned home from a trip to Michigan and though my mom usually gets all the perishables out of the house before we drive up there, this carton of milk had slipped through her grasp.

There wasn't much left in the container, but I was thirsty after the eight hour drive. (Even from a young age, I found it best to drink as little as possible during car trips to cut down on the "Mom I really, really have to go bathroom!" episodes). I poured myself a cup and drank up.

Well, started to anyhow. It didn't take long for my mouth and stomach to agree that something was up with this substance I was trying to quench my thirst with. Stomach and mouth had a quick discussion and decided the best thing to do was to get it back out of my body, and quickly. I gagged over a trash bag for several minutes that felt even longer because I was tired, car weary and worst of all, still thirsty.

After that, any good thoughts I had about milk were gone. For awhile, just seeing it was enough to make my stomach clench in a preparatory sort of motion. Slowly I was able to introduce milk back under the guise of chocolate milk. And it was ok in my cereal, as long as the cereal didn't pick up too much milk. Frosted mini wheats became an ordeal because I would have to scoop up each piece of cereal individually and smush it up against the side of the bowl so that the extra milk would drain off.

Ok, I still do that last part even to this day.

In any case, milk just doesn't do it for me. So now when I have a tasty baked good, or even a not as tasty but still pretty awesome baked good, I like to have orange juice. The, I don't know, acid or whatever of the orange juice cuts through the richness of the chocolate. I'm not a food reviewer; I don't know the terms. But I know what I like.

So that being said, is it weird that water is my go-to drink with ice cream? Surely that's a normal thing. Right?

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