Monday, October 10, 2011

Parking Issues

The picture doesn't really need a lot of explanation, but it looked so sad sitting in the post by itself and besides, not putting down words feels like a cop out to me anyhow. I thought briefly about putting in points for where my other family members park, but I couldn't make the picture big enough to show where my mom would park. My dad's "x" would be right next to the door because he always manages to score "rock star" parking.

Of course, a big part of my parking spot choice these days is based off of the slight inclines that parking lots have - inclines I never noticed until I started driving a manual car and now notice when I roll forward instead of going back despite being in reverse. So I pick spots that are either angled up for easy backing out or spots that are in the middle of nowhere so at least I won't hit any other cars while I ease my car out of the spot with all the grace of a slightly drunk duck.

Overall, parking far away is a sneaky way for me to force myself to walk some during at least two points of the day. It works great until it rains - I still have yet to transport my umbrella from by the door of my house to the car. I'm starting to think I will never remember, seeing as I went out in the rain this morning and forgot my umbrella.

I mean, it wasn't pouring I guess.

But still.

I can't think of a good ending to this, so happy Monday everyone. Woo.

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