Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh hello fall

Three days ago, the high was 80 degrees. Today, it was 66. I feel crazy cold but northern pride is between me and putting on some long johns. It's ridiculous how relative cold is and how much easier it is to get used to being cold when it happens somewhat more gradually.

Sadly, I remain in a state of overwhelming anxiety regarding my return to work on Monday. I know that plenty of moms have to return to work on a similar time frame or even sooner, but I also believe that does not diminish my feelings about it (and it really only speaks to the fact that the US should try to be a bit more accommodating to new mothers).

Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating for a return to the 50's or something, where my ONLY option would be to stay at home and take care of the kids and household and I'd have to have a martini ready for my husband at the end of the day and dinner on the table while he sits in the dining room tapping his watch if it's late. I am thankful that women these days get better options than that. But wow does it suck to not be able to make the choice I want to make.

In any case, I'm combating my anxiety by making judicious use of my Moby wrap and letting Silas sleep in that on me for a few naps. I'm also working on forcing myself to stop talking about going back to school and make it happen (I feel like I'm one of those people, always talking about how I have the best idea for a novel ever but I just can't write it down).

Upon contacting the local community college yesterday (which, in an attempt to go back to school last year, I had applied and sent in my transcripts), I found out that they had not, in fact, received said transcripts. So now it's time for yet another round of "navigate stupid websites designed to make me hate everything" to attempt to send the transcripts again.

What's annoying about this go around is that I have receipts in my email from last year with the order numbers. I called up to check on them, and the order numbers do not appear in the database. Now, sure, I only paid about $12 for the two transcripts, but still. It's ridiculous that I'll end up spending $24 just to prove that I went to another school and took classes.

Did I mention it was cold outside? Sitting here with Silas wrapped up against me is warming me up faster than a cup of hot chocolate. I love this wrap.

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