Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The bib is not technically part of the costume but is part of daily baby wear.
Today was Silas's first Halloween and it was pretty busy. Wednesdays are Smiley's day off, so the two of us woke up late and then we all headed out to early voting. From there, we hit the mall to spend some gift cards and ended up buying a new vacuum and some baby clothing.

The vacuum was a tricky purchase because it cost money beyond the gift cards we had. However, our old vacuum had stopped working and I was quite honestly freaking out over the amount of fur and hair on our carpet. So that kind of balances out the spending money part.

We actually dressed up to head over to a friend's house tonight - I was wearing my kimono and Smiley was doing his phantom of the Opera costume. Silas was wearing a pirate hat and pirate shoes, but that didn't last. During the car ride, he started crying horribly. We stopped at Publix to pick up a dessert and I stayed in the car trying to see if he was hungry.

It turns out Silas was super over heated from wearing the hat and shoes and pants. I blasted the a/c while feeding him on the front seat. When Smiley got back, key lime pie in tow, I got Silas ready to be burped and then placed back in his car seat. Silas wasted no time in spiting up absolutely everything he just ate and probably food from a few hours ago as well all over me, my kimono and his outfit.

So, the pirate costume didn't make it past the car trip. Oh well. Maybe next year (except not because he'll have grown out of everything). Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. you should totally get him a horseless headless horsemann costume next year. it's the perfect fit for a person named Silas