Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh gosh, it's almost November

Two things happen in November - the first of which is that I go back to work and it's going to suck. The second is that it is once again NaNoWriMo time and that means writing a novel (50,000 words or more) during the month of November. A good friend encouraged me to try it two years ago and so I did. It was fun. Then I did it last year as well.

Now, I'm going to do it again, but I don't know how in the world I'm going to win it. All of the little times that I dedicated to writing are kind of being dedicated to taking care of a baby. And what makes matters worse is that I won't get to spend all day with Silas; I'll be at work, so I'll want the evenings to be with him more often than not. My lunch break will probably be spent visiting him and my regular breaks at work are likely to be my pumping times. Ugh.

Did I mention I don't know what I want to write about anyhow? Last year I made some stuff up about vampires and it was hilariously bad. I also made a prediction that mummies were on their way "in" but alas, vampires are still popular and mummies are still in the shadows. Darn. There goes my career as "popular monstrous creature predictor."

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  1. There was a year where I was so busy during November, and I stopped caring about my novel - and then it was 11/25 - and I wrote over 40,000 words in five days. Crazy but awesome.

    I suppose that we'll have to make up for the workweek with weekend writeins, where I bring you sushi for lunch; we watch Silas and in between naps, battle for as many words as possible. 4000-5000 isn't that crazy of a number to hit on Saturday, and that will let you write less on other days.