Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breastfeeding as insulation?

So since I've been pregnant, but especially since I've started breastfeeding, I've noticed that I don't respond to temperature quite like I used to. When I was pregnant, I felt overheated a lot, which made sense. I had extra weight to carry around, extra blood rushing around in my veins and a tiny little kicking baby insulating my internal organs.

The breastfeeding warmness is a surprise to me.

I've lost most of the weight and that little inside baby is now an outside baby, but I still find myself more often than not on the warm spectrum of things. For example, I used to be the one adding extra blankets for Smiley to kick off during the night and now I kick off blankets and can't sleep unless the room is below 76 degrees (side note - thank goodness it's started to get cool here in FL because our energy bill would be ridiculous).

I suppose it's the process of making milk that leaves heat as a byproduct? Maybe? In any case, it oscillates. Sometimes I feel ready to strip down to my birthday suit to cool off and other times I feel like I am my normal amount of cold. It's just one of those odd little things I never thought of until now!

In other news, I still don't have a noveling topic - yikes! But I think Silas will be going to the park today for the Dog-O-Ween event. I'll try to take pictures and probably fail because that's just how I work.

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