Saturday, September 3, 2011


People are always talking about how cool it would be if their life were a musical. (Well, cool people are about it anyhow). But when we talk of a world with people who randomly burst into choreographed song and dance, what really are we discussing?

We're talking about how people can be this coordinated. Because how would that happen? It sounds like communism to me. Or perhaps a brain implant? Is every musical a documentary of an alternative world in which aliens spontaneously decide to take control of a group of people for a few minutes at a time and beam song and dance into their brains? (And presumably this is preferred over the probing?)

Just wondering. Enjoy a picture of a squirrel eating a peanut:

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  1. Or maybe the world where the random singing and dancing happens is actually the real one and this is the alternate...

    P.S. - Given the quality of some musicals, the probing might be preferable (especially if it is preapproved *lol*)!