Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is it just me?

An issue that has plagued me as long as I've been using public restrooms is the use of too-short stall partitions. I understand that this is somewhat a consequence of being tallish and also being female (I suspect any guy would love to tell me about how much privacy you get at a urinal) but despite these limitations, I am still going to go forward with my complaint.

Why, bathroom stalls? Why is it (presumably) so expensive to install stall partitions that go up higher than me? Do you know how awkward it is to stand up and realize that if I had been looking anywhere but straight, I would be looking into the stall next to me? It's bad enough to know that anyone else in the restroom can now see my head floating above the stall door because the mirror is almost guaranteed to be in front of all these stalls! (I guess on the plus[?] side, I could fix my hair from the stall without taking up any space at the counter.)

Pictured: Awkwardness.

 In conclusion, if I become Miss America, I vow to replace all shorter stall doors with taller stall doors. And then world peace. Whatever.

Also, in the same vein, changing rooms that have this same problem. Not cool.


  1. The picture is most definitely my favorite part of this whole post. :)

  2. Thanks Maria!

    I always worry that people will think I'm on my tiptoes trying to spy on them or something!