Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check it out!

My bamboo plant has started to sprout! Look beneath the middle gold twist tie and you'll see the tiny new sprout:

You might be saying, well, that's pretty neat and all but also, isn't it what plants do? They live, given food and sunlight?

And that's where, personally, I am so amazed. Because yeah, I've been watering this plant and talking to it, on occasion, but it has never gotten actual sunlight. From my time when I worked at the end of a hallway to my new job now, this plant gets only fluorescent office lighting. And I just think it's pretty awesome that this plant is taking that light, which makes me feel dull and groggy, and it's using it to sustain life. And to grow a new shoot! Oh man, there's gonna be pandas up in here soon.

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