Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear weather, please l2play. Thanks.

First things first. Is l2play still a thing? I'm a little afraid it's no longer a thing and that the reference is horrendously outdated in this age of constantly updating technical terminology.

Second - I don't get what the deal is with weather here in the "wonderful" panhandle of Florida. See, where I came from in Illinois, the weather might have been colder, yes, but it played by the rules. And the rules say that the warmest point of the day should be around noon and then it can cool off so that by the evening time, a walk with the puppies would be a relaxing jaunt around the block.

But that's not the rule book Florida weather plays from. Oh no. At my lunch hour today, which starts at one, it was about 89 degrees Fahrenheit (uh, let's see... 31 Celsius for my Canadian friends). Fair enough, it was basically noon and the sun was shining. I went on with my afternoon.

Come five in the afternoon and checked the weather to see if it had cooled down some. It had not. In fact, it had gone up four degrees and there was a stupid "feels like 98" taunting me below the "93". This is not how it works, weather. I shouldn't be more comfortable outside during the middle of the day than in the evening.

I decided I should have a picture for this post since my last post was picture-less despite the multitudes of cute animals mentioned.


The above picture suggests one possibility: the sun is a three year old being told to go to sleep.

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