Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I attempted to have my puppies watch the Labor Day parade with me. The parade goes directly by my parents house, so each year we enjoy the free entertainment in the forms of garish floats and various chapters of Shriners on their tiny vehicles. Parades are always great for the over abundance of tootsie rolls and political stickers for people that I won't vote for.

But my mom figured that the puppies wouldn't be happy sitting inside during the parade. I went outside at the beginning of the parade with my younger sister and over the noise of the police cars at the beginning of the parade, I heard Sophie barking from inside the window. I looked back at her. She had apparently climbed up the back of the couch and then jumped into the open windowsill. The screen window was all that kept her from a two story fall.

I quickly went back inside and retrieved the small pomeranian from the window, leashed her up and brought her out to watch the parade with me.

Outside, Sophie stayed relatively quiet. She glanced at the marching band and the cheerleaders from the local high school. But there was a woman with a german shepard next to us and when Sophie realized this, she started to freak out and growl and attempt to get closer to the bigger dog.

Thankfully, this crisis was resolved by one group from the parade that was handing out dog treats. The dog treats were a regular size for a regular dog but that meant they were about the size of Sophie's head. Still, I was able to break off a small piece to give to her. This distracted her long enough to forget about the dog near her. Whenever she started to act up for the remainder of the parade, I pulled out the treat and let her gnaw at it until she calmed down.

I think that she probably spilled more treat on the blanket than she ate, but given that, again, they were the size of her head, that was most likely for the best.

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