Monday, September 5, 2011

Ok puppies, seriously.

We're visiting with my parents this weekend and we brought the puppies up. My parents have a small dog as well and the last few times we've visited, the dogs have always gotten along well. But this? What's happening right now? It is not working out.

For unknown reasons, the dogs have not been able to get along today or calm down. Despite spending the last 3 days together in reasonable agreeableness, they refuse to relax. First, Sophie will jump onto the back of the couch and look out the window and growl at any people who happen to be walking by. This will set off Gucci, who will start to bark in return. This then gets Sherlock going and he starts to bark.

They'll calm down for a minute or two, but Gucci is now in constant bark mode. If she hears my brother shift in his chair downstairs, she'll bark quietly and then that sets off the same sort of cycle.

They'll quiet down again for a few minutes. The TV will go to a commercial break and then play any of the multitude of commercials that have a doorbell ringing in them. Despite the fact that my parent's house does not have a doorbell, the dogs will start to freak the flip out. Seriously puppies! There is no doorbell. Nobody is at our house. Why must they do this?

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