Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leg cramped!

I've always been prone to leg/feet cramps - typically I blame my poor circulation and it's not unusual for me to have to crouch down at the end of an evening as I try to work one out. I'm also no stranger to the waking up in the middle of the night to a calf cramp that feels like your life is ending. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, one of the foremost thoughts in my mind was - well, there goes my chance of a cramp-free night!

Now, knock on wood because I still have months to go, but I actually hadn't woken up to a calf cramp yet! I've had a ton of foot cramps during the day but nothing that's woken me up.

Until now.

Well, I mean, until last night.

I think it was about midnight or so but I can't confirm since unlike most people, with your vision that doesn't need corrective lenses, I can't see for anything without my glasses.

I think we all know how the calf cramp works but last night I thought for SURE my calf muscle was separating from the bone given how hard it hurt. Typically when I wake up like this, I make some sort of noise, like a wounded animal cry. But honestly? I was so stunned by the sudden, rapid onset of crampage that I couldn't do much beyond remember to breathe.

There's always that part after the cramp where your leg begins to relax but you don't trust it and don't move in case your leg is luring you to try moving to start up the cramp again and when I got to that point, I'm pretty sure I stayed still for another good ten minutes (again, couldn't see a clock to confirm. Take my word; I'm trustworthy) just waiting for my leg to laugh in my face. Thankfully, it didn't.

The annoying part of any middle-of-the-night cramp is the pain that lingers throughout the next day and that, my friends, is where  am confused. I am almost positive I had a horrible leg cramp last night and I distinctively remember involuntary tears running down my face and there was a kleenex next to my pillow to confirm this, but my leg doesn't hurt in the slightest. In fact, my non-cramped leg seems more stiff than my supposed "victim" leg.

So in conclusion, I am either going insane or my body has moved into Phase 2 of messing with me. Actually I guess since insanity is a product of the brain, in either case my body is moving into Phase 2 of messing with me. I'm not sure I'm excited but I'll keep you updated!

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