Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is what I think of the Allstate Value Plan Commercial

The commercial: A lady is in her car, checking her make up before she starts to drive. In the background, the Allstate guy talks about how she's just starting out and on a budget. He further clarifies that it is "like a ramen noodle every night type of budget." Lo and behold, she can still afford Allstate! Yay!


So tell me this, Allstate guy. If she really can only afford 15 cent noodle packages for dinner, how the heck is she affording what looks to be a nice, newish car? Or those fancy looking sunglasses, outfit and earrings? Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt, that she needs a fancy outfit for her job or whatever - that doesn't explain the car and accessories. I would say that Smiley and I are the kind of people who would look into a value plan to keep our insurance affordable and I can assure you that neither of our cars look that nice.

I guess what I'm saying Allstate is this: if someone has a car that looks that nice, they probably are not on a ramen noodle every night kind of budget and it's really patronizing to hear that this is the kind of car I should be able to drive even if I only have about two dollars a week for dinner.

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