Saturday, June 2, 2012

According to, I can win the internet with Zombies

So I guess a guy high on drugs ate another guy's face and somehow this equals the zombie apocalypse. DOB from has broken down the timeline fairly nicely on how I just need to mention zombies to get ALL of the hits.

But truth be told, I'm a little nervous of what this situation means. There are a ton of people who shun prophecies and claims of regular apocalypses. These same people now run the risk of being apocalypse hipsters by basing the potential start of the zombie apocalypse on a crazy psychotic guy. I'm just saying we need to be careful. No one wants to end up in a "the end is near and filled with zombies" sandwich board sign, telling their "truths" to all of those who will listen and shouting extra loud so the people who don't want to listen can get in on the action.

Or maybe the people who end up in those situations really do want to be there. There's no way to be completely sure.

In any case, to the totally millions of people who have now seen my blog due to my mentioning of zombies and the apocalypses they cause, check out my other posts. They have roughly 100% less zombie mentions but they're also about 75% more hilarious. And a lot of the earlier posts have pictures but now my computer is getting old and really slow and drawing things takes forever so I don't.

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