Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weird Pregnancy Cravings?

So I guess common wisdom is that pregnancy cravings are supposed to be able what your body is "missing" from your diet. Hence, the idea that a lot of women crave pickles is a sign of the body wanting more salt due to their increasing blood volume. So when I craved first dill pickles and then later cup ramen, I rejoiced that both of my cravings were fairly cheap to satisfy and figured that I was just craving that increase in salt.

This, however, has not helped me explain my craving for fried chicken legs and thighs but not other forms of chicken. I don't want deli sliced chicken, I don't want a baked OR fried chicken breast, and I don't want chicken nuggets. Three out of four of those probably have a decently high sodium amount, so I don't think I can claim "salt." All of them contain protein. And chicken.

It is with no small amount of confusion that I shrug and move forward with my life, wondering at what point this craving will shift or change and more to the point, wondering just how much control I have over what I'd like to eat right now. (Case in point - I used to love macaroni and cheese and now it's nice if it's there but I have no desire to make it. Weird, weird, weird.)

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