Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well That's Impulsive!

Normally, I like to think things through before acting. This was not the case yesterday. I idly mentioned to my mom that I was thinking about researching airplane ticket prices to see if maybe I could come up to visit during my spring break.

The day ended with me purchasing a ticket to spend part of the week at my parent's house with Silas.

It is only now that I am starting to vaguely consider the implications of traveling with an infant, and it's got me only a little nervous. (I can't believe it took me some twenty years before I ever flew on a plane and Silas is flying at six months).

Already in my mind I am trying to figure out which toys are the best to bring and which are his favorite, QUIET toys. (Not many. Did you know, by the way, that most every baby toy has some element of noise making from a rattle to crinkly paper to the sound Silas makes when he inevitably sucks on it?)

Some aspects of the travel are easy. Bring enough diapers for the trip and buy a package when I'm there. (And bring plastic bags in case of diaper explosions during traveling). Staying at my parent's house means the option to wash clothes, thus limiting the need for an excessive amount of onsies. I'm trying to keep those aspects in mind.

Also easy is the transport of the baby himself. I can bring my Moby wrap and walk around with him. It might even soothe him as we dash from terminal to terminal on our layover. And I've heard that nursing during take off can help soothe his ears, so I'll be sure to wear something that's easy to nurse in. (And the fact that my nursing wardrobe is fairly limited means I can't overpack for myself either.)

I think what I'm mostly scared of is that the moment the plane takes off, he will start crying and I will garner the wrath of every passenger as I attempt to console him and fail the entire trip. If he's crying at the terminal, I can walk with him and I'm sure he'll be alright. It's when we need to be seated and I can't get up that worries me a little.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll also end up sitting next to the person who thinks nursing in public is the same as public defecation and I think I can handle that, so I can handle anything.

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