Monday, February 4, 2013


I can't log on to my college website because my account is apparently locked. I can't log on to my college email to email someone about why I can't log on to my college website because I apparently am using the wrong password. If I try to reset the password, it loops me back to the college website. I might pull my hair out in frustration, but probably not; Silas does such a good job pulling out my hair if I forget to braid it that I don't really have much left to pull myself.

When I was pregnant, I could wear most of my clothes for the first few months, about half of my clothes for the next few, and then about three outfits until I gave birth. I looked forward to having variety in my wardrobe again, but somehow I guess I forgot about the next year or so that I planned to breastfeed. Having my desk next to my closet is this huge reminder of all the different outfits I can't wear for convenience sake. Part of me keeps wanting to just box everything up and donate it, and another part keeps saying "hey at least after you're done having kids and breastfeeding (figure six to eight years but don't put anything in stone), those clothes will be there and you won't have to spend any money on a new wardrobe. And, with any luck, fashion will have rotated through enough styles that maybe everything will be retro-fabulous."

If I didn't mention it before, Silas is actually teething with his second tooth and MIGHT be leading in to a third tooth (although I'm going to assume I'm just imagining teeth at this point because I can't deal with all of these teeth right now), so he has a horrible case of The Sad. The Sad is diagnosed by a sudden predisposition to random fits of inconsolable crying and a good dose of breaking his mommy's heart. Luckily, I've found that a steady regimen of hugs, sit/stand practice and baby stretches and massage seem to make it better for him. I've also found that he stalwartly refuses to teeth on any so-called "teething devices," preferring instead to gum down on anything else; the cloth part of a toy, his sleeves, my finger, my shoulder, anybody's shoulder, he really likes shoulders for some reason, and his blanket.

In any case, he's down for a nap now, so I have to use my remaining five minutes or so to maybe fold laundry while studying flash cards. Crappy website or not, I'm still going to learn the crap out of Anatomy and Physiology.


  1. I like to put my clothes in boxes and not donate them. Then I pull them out of boxes several months later, and it's like I have new clothes!