Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dang Puppies!

We have three doggie beds, yet Sophie is currently sleeping on Silas's playmat and Sherlock is curled up inside my sister-in-law's suitcase. Actually, he needs a bath, so let me go shoo him out of there.

Back in a moment.


My puppies seemed to be programmed to ignore the dog beds in favor of absolutely anything else on the floor. Sometimes, Sophie will crawl into a dog bed only to jump out a moment later and sleep next to it. So I think my next move in reducing clutter in our house will be to throw out those dog beds. I don't think dog beds are necessarily something people want to pick up second hand, due to worries about fleas and whatnot.

Also, I think that people who have the size dogs we do tend to be those kind people who would favor buying a new bed rather than getting one second hand. What I'm saying is that most people don't pick a Pomeranian because they're poor. It happens. I mean, Smiley and I have one. But she was a special gift and we're happy to have her.

Sherlock just slinked out of the room so I'm thinking I need to go shoo him off the suitcase again. Dogs.

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