Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flying - with baby - tomorrow morning!

And yeah, I'm a little nervous. I went to Target today and got Silas two new toys that will hopefully hold his attention during the flights. I've been packing our bags and I'm happy to say that I think I can fit everything I need in my backpack and a messenger bag. (I'll be buying extra diapers once I get to my parent's house!)

The most important thing when traveling with a small infant or child is to examine the possible problems and to plan how to prevent them - or deal with them if they happen.

The biggest issue to the most people is the crying. I plan to preempt take-off crying by nursing Silas if he's awake during take off and letting him sleep if he's asleep. Since the flight is an early morning flight, I should have success with either of those methods. If he starts crying, my go-to will be the new toy and a healthy dose of staying calm despite knowing that now some forty odd people want to murder me.

But truth be told, I'm not too worried about crying. Silas really doesn't cry too much and is typically at his best in the mornings. What I'm worried about is the poop explosions. I know I can deal with them in the airport; it'll be messy, but there'll be space. If he goes to town on the plane, I'm a bit more nervous. So I packed the messenger bag with extra diapers (enough to change his diaper every half hour during travel) and a ton of wipes, and some odor-neutralizing bags just in case. Please, everyone, (especially the spam bots that seem to love this blog), pray that Silas will not make a mess on the plan.

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