Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tonight's Raid Night!

Today is a pretty important day. It was my last day at my now old job and tomorrow will be my first day at a new job. Also, despite my two-day rant on the Sebring, someone came and looked at it and might be buying it for serious! He said that he used to have one and liked how it handled. How cool is that?

Well, Thursdays are also raid night on World of Warcraft! The husband and I sit down with our guild (8 other people who are online with us) and get stuff done. I was looking over my old pictures and found this one from two years ago:

That's me on the right and my husband on the left. But as I said, that picture is over two years old now so we've changed some. I've got a cuter dress. And my husband now plays a goblin so he's kinda short. You know, WoW is how we met. I think I'll have to write our origin story one of these nights. But in the meantime I wanted to share some other WoW pictures I found that are pretty amusing, even if you don't play the game.

 That's me, around Thanksgiving time - rounding up all the turkeys! (And a skunk). This picture always made me laugh because the turkeys would follow me around in a single file line and then whenever I stopped, they would fan out in a fairly perfect half circle. None of them cared about the skunk!

Around Easter time, Easter eggs start popping up around the grass in game. They're fun to pick up and they have virtual candy, dresses and other such Easter items. And the way these two Tauren were staring each other down, I couldn't help but add some dialogue. It was, uh, funny to me at the time. And ok, I'll admit that I half laughed when I saw it in my picture archives.

Well, that's really all the time I've got for now. Raid starts in 9 minutes and I have tacos to eat and iced tea to drink. Here's hoping that tomorrow is awesome.


  1. Dani, it looks good so far :)!

    Temporal proximity should let you know who this is :D!

  2. Ack - I'll be honest, I don't know! Don't hate. :(