Saturday, August 20, 2011

Introduction or, more accurately, why I am procrastinating vacuuming

Despite the fact that the two dogs I currently own - a Pomeranian and a Yorkie - are roughly the sizes of really large guinea pigs, they manage to shed an impressive amount of fur. To be fair, the Yorkie doesn't actually shed, so I guess I should express my disbelief that a 5-lb Pomeranian can shed so much fur that I could make a decent sized rug or over sized sweater out of said sheddings.

Since making Pomeranian-based garments is not one of my goals for the immediate future, I attempt to keep the fur levels under control by vacuuming regularly. The only problem is that when it is really warm outside - and thusly, warm inside since I try to keep the A/C use at a minimum - I don't want to vacuum because it will only make the rooms warmer. So I thought to myself that maybe I'd start writing something.

"After all," I said to my puppies, who looked at me attentively, "If I'm writing, I can count that as being productive and then I won't feel bad about not writing." My small speech thusly ended, the puppies looked very disappointed that the words I spoke did not equate to them getting a treat or a bonus walk.

Abandoning the vacuum in the dining room, I went and sat down at my desk and began brainstorming ideas about what to write about. The process was very slow.

I kept telling myself, "Just start writing something because even if there's a chance no one will read it, it is scientifically guaranteed that no one can read nothing." So then I spent a long time worrying about the name of the blog instead, until I came up with something that sounded wittier than it is and then I started writing a post.

Writing a post also went slowly. Being confronted with the overwhelming notion that nothing I can think or say hasn't already been said before makes me lock down. I tell myself it's ok not to write a thought down because it's probably not interesting enough. Because I have a feeling that if I looked online, at least 10 million other people have thought this too.

Somehow, I have soldiered on past those feelings by realizing that as long as no one reads what I write here, I can say whatever I want! What a great thought. Well, except for the conflicting thought that it'd be great if people read this. So, uh, I'll deal with those contradictory feelings in the future!

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