Friday, August 26, 2011

Better introduce the puppies as I am sure they'll make another appearance

I should note that as I'm trying to write this post, my puppies keep bringing their toys to me for me to throw, even though we played catch for 10 minutes straight before I sat down to write. It's never enough! Ok, wait, now they're play fighting with each other, so I'll type quickly. Allow me to introduce you to Sophie and Sherlock:

Sophie thinks I'm crazy.
Taking pictures of Sherlock sleeping in cute spots is kinda my new hobby.
Growing up, my family often had pets. And although we did get our golden retriever puppy, Casey, from a pet store, most of our pets found us. Foxy was a Shiba Inu stray that I very nearly ran over when she darted across a busy street by my house. Tagless and dirty, I called around the pound, the police station and the local pet shelters to see if anyone had reported her missing. After months with no response, Foxy had taken up with our family quite well. She got along with Casey and loved "singing" along with us during happy birthdays. (In case you didn't know - Shiba Inus yodel more than they bark).

Foxy was perhaps not the most original name but gosh darn it, she was cute.
Our vet was unable to place her age exactly, but she was older than Casey. She was also the start of our puppy size decline; Foxy was about half of Casey's size. When Foxy passed, we stayed as a one dog family for some years until another dog found us. My sister's friend's neighbor's hairdresser's dog to be exact. I believe the story was that the hairdresser had moved to a place that didn't allow dogs and was looking for a good home for her dog. Or something to do with allergies? The point is, my family became the proud owners of a malty-poo named Gucci.

Gucci LOVED chilling at the lake up north.
Gucci was about four when we got her, and she's been a sweetheart since. I really appreciate knowing that we've been able to give these dogs a loving home - especially growing up, as I am one of five siblings, so there was always more than enough attention for our dogs.

And I guess that's why it doesn't surprise me that in less than a year after I married my husband, we ended up with two wonderful, loving dogs of our own. I do admit, since we both work full time, we did not end up taking in a third dog that some coworkers were planning on getting rid of; sadly, I know that taking in that dog at this point in my life wouldn't be beneficial to the dog. But in the future, I hope to continue our pet tradition.

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