Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tablet time!

Babies are tough to draw.

It doesn't help that I'm not an artist.

But I struggle to draw them proportionally. My babies always look like really confused toddlers. With adult legs and arms.

I can get the head going and it feels baby-like to me. Maybe even the eyes and nose. But then I start drawing the body and things go downhill. I add arms and the wrists start where the fingers should have ended. And the legs.

Oh, the legs.

In real life, baby legs are cute and adorable. In my drawings, baby legs are terrifying. They don't look like they would support a baby, or any form of life. They turn at odd angles and fold in where they should fold out. And let's not get started on hands and feet.

In any case, I finally got photoshop re-installed on my computer and hooked up my tablet. This is the terrifying "work in progress" of that combination:

I don't plan to share everything I draw, of course. But consider this your warning that I'm going to try.

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