Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cosplay Fun

Over the past weekend, I visited my friend who is temporarily in Florida. The three hour car trip was the longest car trip I've taken to date with Silas and he did pretty good. The purpose of the trip? To hang out and to go to another one day convention! I'm going to say in advance, these past two mini-cons have given me a longing to go to a bigger convention one of these days.

So the evening I got down there, we set to work on finishing my cosplay costume. Later I intend to post pictures of the costume as a sort of "how-to" guide. I redid a Millia Rage (from the video game Guilty Gear XX) cosplay but with the goal of being able to feed Silas in costume if needed. A quick search of the internet informed me that I might be the only person in the world who ever had to deal with this situation.

Anyhow, I had only been able to do some preliminary work on the costume during the week. Watching a baby is a full time job as anyone who has ever done so can attest; I can't just set him down and go pin fabric. And I definitely can't pin fabric in the middle of his play space - babies are immensely attracted to things that they can swallow and/or stab themselves with. So I had cut out the fabric for the dress part of the costume, sewed that together, and cut out and partially sewed the sleeves.

We worked on the details, taking turns entertaining Silas and keeping him away from the sewing frenzy. Ultimately, though, a lot of the costume details were held together with duct tape and safety pins. (Breastfeeding or not, I think every cosplayer has gone through this phase). But, the costume turned out great:

Not pictured: the baby spit up that adorned the costume minutes later.

So yeah. If you're comparing this to a picture of the character, you'll see a few things are missing. I have belt buckles to add to the top and bottom of the dress. I need to pick up some long black gloves and, ideally, grow my hair out about six more feet. Some of these are long term goals.

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