Sunday, September 9, 2012

Plus Baby!

Well, quite suddenly, Smiley and I now have a family. I do want to write up a birth story for anyone who's interested in reading the "experience" but for now I just wanted to post something. I don't have any pictures, myself. Smiley took a bunch on his phone and I'm waiting for my dad and my friend to use their super fancy cameras to take world-class pictures to post.

In any case, our new baby is just adorable; you'll have to take my word for it.

In another case, I do have to say that while I've loved being with Smiley - I really found that my admiration and affection for him easily doubled during the whole process. I mean, my due date wasn't until September 24th and that's what we were planning for. So when I went into sudden labor and my water broke and I wasn't quite sure how he'd react, well, he reacted exactly as I should have known.

He just did exactly what I needed and wanted and did not complain and even as I attempted to tear his hand off and rip his back apart during contractions, he did not complain. When I shouted unintelligible phrases at him, it was though he read my mind and rubbed my back exactly how I wanted, and told me that I was doing good.

Even now, as he's holding the baby so that I can type up a quick post in between feeding sessions, it's just wonderful to look at him and see the way he handles any situation with humor and knowledge. I am thankful to know and be with him.

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  1. I'm so happy for you. Jonathan is a wonderful person, I'm proud to be his mother. He will be a great Father.