Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If I'm late for work this morning, this is why

I should have been suspicious when the alarm went off and my husband almost immediately sat up to get ready for work. But I wasn't. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, figuring that he must have slept better than me.

It's not a hard feat these days, what with waking up to go bathroom, to eat Tums, and to shake off weird dreams that sometimes involve mountain climbing and snakes and other times involve tiny baby farm animals on apartment complexes.

But as I dozed, half asleep and half awake, listening to my husband brush his teeth and clean his face in the bathroom, vaguely aware that it was morning, I slowly started to realize that the alarm was not about to go off again.

You see, my husband and I are one of those couples. We set the alarm for about 15 minutes too early and hit snooze twice every morning. It's helpful for those mornings where you need a few extra minutes of pretending to sleep to start your day. And some mornings, I get up with the first alarm and feel extra productive.

And then there was this morning, during which I apparently slept through that all and actually woke up to the final alarm. The next thing I know, Smiley's telling me that it's seven and he has to leave and I'm confusedly looking around the room, trying to figure out why I still want to be asleep.

Obviously, I'm up now. But I do feel cheated out of my "extra" 15 minutes of sleep.

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