Monday, August 27, 2012

Cravings suck and cost a lot of money

Have you ever had a craving for something so badly that it irrationally hurts to not eat it? Most of my pregnancy, I've had cravings for certain items and, yes, there was a week that I basically ate nothing but cheese and crackers, but this craving for steak is just driving me up the wall.

The metaphorical wall, of course. I'm much too cumbersome to go up any wall these days.

Now, I've been lucky enough in my life thus far to never really have to worry about dieting in the sense of trying to lose weight. So, before I got pregnant, I'd never been familiar with the whole "when you crave this bad thing for you, eat this good thing for you instead and everything will be sunshine and rainbows."

And I've quickly realized why dieting like that is a lost cause. Seriously, if I'm craving ice cream, a scoop of non-fat frozen yogurt is not going to do anything. Or if I want a plain bagel with some cream cheese, a whole wheat bagel with some peanut butter is not even close to the flavor I'm looking for. Is it pregnancy hormones? Perhaps? But I feel like it's really condescending to read these sort of lists.

Craving potato chips? Why not try a crunchy apple instead? Uh.

Want a donut? How about a whole grain bran muffin with no extra sugar? Blech.

I can understand the sentiment of wanting to provide a healthier choice, but I think I'm going to stick to my not-as-healthy option and practice moderation.

For example, the What to Expect When You're Expecting book has the audacity to compare a cup and a half of ice cream to one cup of non-fat yogurt. Uh, yeah, eating less of an item is going to result in lower calories consumed. So I'm just gonna go for a half cup of delicious ice cream instead of a cup of disgusting non-fat frozen yogurt and - look at that! I've saved all the calories.

There's really no point to this rant. I'm just trying to distract myself so that I don't call and order Chilis fajitas to go. I guess it's working for now. 

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