Friday, June 15, 2012

Today was a long day

"I've got some surprises for you when you come home!"

I received that text at about 11am this morning from Smiley and turned to my coworker.

"My husband just texted me the scariest sentence in the world."

She looked me with a patient, amused look.

"He said that he has a surprise for me!"

As my coworker started laughing, my mind was racing through the possibilities. Was he cutting down EVERY tree in the yard? Ripping up all of the carpeting? Getting a new dog? It was important to think like he thinks.

My day crept by slowly. Sort of like a sloth catching a ride on a tortoise slow.

After several of the longest hours ever, I was able to get into my car and drive home to see what was up. Turns out, Smiley had put in new plants by our front door and cleaned up a ton of tree branches in the yard!

So sure, maybe I would have enjoyed coming home to a sparkling bathroom or to find the laundry done but I know those aren't the surprises I can expect with Smiley. But it's ok, because the surprises he does provide are pretty nice too.

Thanks, loving husband!

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