Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog stats

So, comes with a built in stat counter so that I can see how many hits my blog gets. It's not many, but I know I have at least three consistent spam bots checking me out, and that certainly is an ego boost!

Everyone once in awhile, however, I will get a larger amount of hits during a short period of time. Then my little hit graph will spike and, much like when you move into a higher tax bracket, it will reorient the graph to better show my stats. In other words, the Y axis changes to a new numbering system.

The problem comes from the fact that this larger amount of hits is a sham, a lie, a fluke; it is never indicative of a flux of new people finding my blog and choosing to stick around and maybe read my next post. So then my page views go back to my dutiful bots, friends and family. And then I have a very sad looking chart.

I realize now as I type this that a visual graph would say it all but I'm not feeling great today (I think I slept for at least as many hours as I've been awake) and don't have the energy to open photoshop. So let's just picture it, ok?

There is one large peak from my unexpected hits and then thanks to the new scale, the couple of hits I normally get here and there basically don't even show up on the chart as peaks. They just sort of are tiny bumps at the bottom of the graph.

Eventually time will go by, and I won't get any more large amounts of visitors and the graph will reset to its old chart numbers and my hits LOOK more impressive. And really, isn't that all that matters?

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