Thursday, February 23, 2012

The puppies got another bath

Yeah, it's been some time since I've made Sophie deploy crazy eyes level 10 and to be honest, Sherlock kind of smelled like a tuna fish sandwich, which was suspicious due to the fact that I haven't made tuna in over a month. So I gave the dogs baths yesterday.

Sophie did this kind of goldfish memory fail; I held the shower head so that it was stationarily spraying the middle of the tub. Sophie hates the water, so every time she walked through the middle of the tub she would kind of speed up with a little puppy hop of sorts. But then she'd turn around and go back to the other side of the tub. It was literally a case of rinse and repeat. And I liked it because I could hold the shower head at a slight higher height than when I normally try to follow her around with it and my back therefore hurt a lot less. But I'm still not sure why she kept trying to go back and forth.

Anyhow, they smell great now and as is the case with my dreams, last night they reflected my worse nightmare - I dreamed that I woke up this morning and that Sophie's face was crawling with fleas. Thankfully, upon actually waking up, I can confirm that this is not the case.

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