Monday, January 2, 2012

An update on tablet progress!

Day one of tablet drawing was hard. Making a line do what I want and stop and start where I wanted it proved to be an almost insurmountable challenge. I kept thinking that I could draw a line much faster with my mouse and be done with it and why am I making this so much harder on myself?

Day two of tablet drawing saw me making small but marked improvements from the chicken scribble I had previously rendered. I worked on drawing tons and tons of lines, and attempting to corral those lines into a vaguely meaningful structure. Sadly, I also learned that if I don't save my 'drawings,' they will be deleted when I close the program. I know, right? Who would have thought!

Day three. I find my eyes darting from side to side as I sat at my computer. Tablet. Mouse. Tablet. Mouse. I feel almost as though I am betraying my mousing hand. I think of the thousand of mouse-drawn island turtles. The lamb-ourghini. That one picture of the bathroom stalls that many people have told me they found hilarious. I picked up the tablet and attempted to draw a picture for my blog post about how people finally used my guest room. At some point my back mysteriously revolts and sends shooting pains down from my shoulder blades. I stand up to take a break. The current progress of my tablet drawing attempt is all I have to show.

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