Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too cold. Can't function.

Despite being a true Yooper, I don't handle cold very well. Like your basic houseplant that wilts under the first frost, I become rather useless at colder temperatures.

You know how the energy company tells you to set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter to save money on heating? Screw that. I turn my thermostat to 64 when my husband isn't looking just to show them all who's boss. And then walk around wrapped in two blankets.

I also find it faintly amusing that the "heat" coming into the house is actually much, much colder than when I have the air condition on in the summer. It reminds me of that one story where one guy thinks the other guy is crazy for blowing on his hands to warm them up and then blowing on the hot soup to cool it down (the first guy says something along the lines of "how do you make your breath both warm AND cold?"). What, you guys don't know that story? I swear I'm not making it up - I'm just recounting it through the cold haze of my brain misfires is all.

But yeah. That's what having the heater on in the winter is like. It's like blowing on my hands to warm them up. Yeah, my breath is warmer than the air outside but it's not going to cut it. If I were that second guy, I think I'd just stick my hands into the soup. Both problems solved at once.

I wanted to practice drawing on my tablet some, but my soup-free hands are pretty cold and useless, so I have a feeling I might just end up going to bed instead. Thanks for reading!

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