Sunday, January 8, 2012

As it turns out, I'm really bad at directions

I had driven to the JoAnn's fabric store on my own once before. Which is why when I was traveling there with a friend on Saturday, I was confused to find that I am, in fact, able to drive right past the store and then continue to convince myself that it is, in fact, just a bit further down the road. And that I totally remember that there should be, like, a church. Yeah, like a church or a dojo or maybe an empty strip mall. I'll know when I see it.

My friend graciously waited until we drove ten minutes out of the way with me doing my best to find the magical, mystical second JoAnn's in Tallahassee before pointing out that she has driven to work this way many, many times and that she was ready to do the "I told you so dance" when we turned around and finally made it back to the one and only JoAnn's.

I've been to this fabric shop quite a few times. For Halloween this year, in fact, I went there at least three times to get everything need for mine and Smiley's Halloween costumes. Beyond that, I've went to buy material for our curtains and a few other projects besides. And yet, apparently this is still not enough for my brain to permanently mark JoAnn's on my mental map.

This marks my second year in Tallahassee, in case anyone thought I was still just new to the area. That excuse is quickly fading away.

Some day, I dream of a world where I will manage to navigate through the town in which I live with ease and, perhaps, finesse.

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  1. How many years did you live in BG? Everything is on Dundee right? : )