Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Grocery Store Five Part Trip

My old online journal was a lot different from this wonderful blog. I used it mainly to record what I did each day, which tended to be hanging out with friends and going play DDR a lot. And going to Jewel (the grocery store I used to work out). I went to Jewel a ton. In fact, this old post I came across has me laughing at both how outgoing and social I used to be and how many times I can go to a grocery store in one day.

This vintage post came from the summer of 2005. Past me writes:

Well, yesterday was pretty cool. But let's break it down and see how many times I went to Jewel. Argh!

Woke up, went to Jewel - 1
Went to friend 1's house
Back to Jewel - 2
Taco Bell
Friend 2's house
Back to Jewel - 3 
Currency Exchange
Friend 1's house
Jewel - 4
Friend 3's house
Jewel - 5

Well, in any case, though, I had a very good time, although I did fail Sakura.

Three friend's houses and multiple locations throughout the day? I was a freaking social butterfly, people.

In case you're wondering, Eskape is the name of the arcade that I went to all the time to play DDR. (Sakura is the name of a song I was learning to beat on Expert mode). I'm PRETTY sure OCB stands for Old Country Buffet, which is exactly what the name suggests.

I have no clue what I did at Jewel 5 times.

And Blockbuster? Now there's a sign that these were simpler, quieter times.

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