Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Belated Christmas, Happy Belated Boxing Day and Happy Early New Years!

I'm beginning to think that I will never, ever sleep again. But it's ok. I rediscovered my old Livejournal and I apparently complained about not sleeping a lot back then too, so I guess I'm technically used to this and all.

Silas surprised us with a "Christmas miracle" and slept from 10pm to 6:30am. Let me backtrack a little to the start of that evening. Silas hadn't napped for even an hour earlier in the day and he was tired. It was almost six and he seemed as though he would crash if I waited until seven to put him to bed.

So, with the fear in my heart that he would wake up around eight and want to play for four hours, I put Silas to sleep around six. He fell asleep easily, no crying or anything. Then we waited.

Smiley and I played a game of Age of Empires II while we waited. I don't think that was part of the reason that Silas slept so well, but it was quite nice to sit down and play a game with my husband. I hadn't logged into my Steam account in over four hundred days, which makes sense - Silas is just over four hundred days old, and I've barely had time to shower regularly, let alone play video games that take longer than Words With Friends.

Around ten, Smiley and I were getting ready to go to bed, when I heard Silas cry. I felt crushed. I had been so hopeful that the early bedtime would somehow carry him through the night, but then I realized that I had made the decision to put Silas to sleep so early that he hadn't eaten a real dinner, only a snack! Though he had a larger than normal lunch, I figured perhaps he was simply a bit hungry.

I went into his room and quietly nursed him back to sleep, thinking that this was it. I was going to be waking up every two hours for the rest of the evening. Silas went back to sleep without much of a fuss.

Shortly after, Smiley and I also went to sleep. And then, we woke up to Smiley's alarm.

I turned over in bed, pulling the covers over my ears while Smiley turned off his alarm and turned to look over at me.

"Is Silas in bed with us?" he asked, patting the covers to see if Silas was curled up between us.

"No," I said, as I slowly became more awake. I realized that I didn't have any memories of going to Silas's crib and bringing him back into our room. Just to be sure, I glanced by the side of our bed; no, Silas wasn't there either. "No, he's still in his crib," I said.

Before I could tell Smiley to go check to make sure Silas was still alive, I heard him move in his room, and then I heard him start to chat with his stuffed animal. Silas was alive and well rested!

Sadly, when I attempted to replicate these results the next night, I had no such luck. Silas took a longer afternoon nap, so I adjusted the bedtime back to 6:30, and while he did sleep until ten again, he did not sleep well after a nighttime nursing.

But - as I am an eternal optimist, I still have hope. Yes, he woke up a lot the past two nights, but he has been fighting a cold. The runny nose and congestion are enough to make me think that perhaps, just maybe, once the cold is over, he will start to sleep better.

I know, I know.


(But we'll still see.)

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