Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just a Typical Morning

The other day I'm getting dressed and musing over what outfit to wear. My husband says I should wear a shirt I hadn't worn in awhile.

He starts describing it. "You know, that shirt that has the little shoulderpads?"

I'm pretty sure he's referring to a t-shirt I have that has a cute little double sleeve detail.

"If we're thinking about the same shirt," I tell him, scowling a little, "I wore it last weekend when Silas and I visited you while you were playing 40k."

He tells me that he can't remember when I wear everything and besides, he was probably paying more attention to playing with Silas during the visit.

But it is a nice shirt, this shirt I'm thinking about. It's a soft jersey material, so it's comfortable, but it still looks cuter than a basic t-shirt.

As I rummage around in my drawer to find it, Smiley continues describing the shirt. "Well, it's black and white," he says, as I nod to myself, now positive I know what shirt he's thinking about, "And yellow and blue."

Hold your horses, husband.

You've just veered into 'I have no clue what shirt I own fits this description' territory.

I pull out the shirt I think he's talking about.

"Yeah, that's the one," he confirms.

"This shirt is entirely black and white," I confirm.

I guess I should mention that my husband is yellow/blue colorblind. Sometimes I forget about that, because it only seems to be for lighter shades of blue and yellow.

He points to one section of the shirt and says "That looks like what yellow looks like and," as he points to another spot, "That looks like what blue looks like."

Both of the sections he has pointed to are gray and I tell him as much. He says he still likes the shirt and I should still wear it and I agree.

It's moments like those that remind me how even the most straightforward things can be seen in different ways based on who's looking.

The good news is, at least when I go gray, I won't have to dye my hair!

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