Friday, May 31, 2013

Painting Party

Currently, my browser has five tabs open dedicated to school-related items, one for Facebook and one for "selecting the right gloss." Gloss, as in paint. You know how when some people move in to a house, they take the time to lovingly choose colors they like and spend a few days painting all of the walls before moving in their stuff?

Yeah, that wasn't what we did. We said, oh good. There's paint on the walls and it doesn't look that bad. And then we moved in all our stuff. And then I started to think that maybe it would be nice to have some different colors on the walls.

So we started small. We added blue to our door, green to our entryway and gray to our bathroom. But the other rooms had furniture and it seemed like a waste of time and money to paint. So we waited. In the meantime, I did what everyone does when they want to paint their rooms - I started stalking the Lowe's clearance paint section, figuring that I could love whatever color they had cheapest.

That's totally how it works, right?

Never mind the two color swatches I have, tenderly shoved in between odds and ends in my "drawer of important stuff," of "comet dust" and "spa pool" - the perfect combination of silvery gray and rich aqua that I think would be perfect for our bedroom. (Smiley's requirement is that each set of opposing walls be painted a different color.) Instead, over the past two years I have accumulated a bucket of "crocodile tears" (50% off! and it's the paint and primer premium mix!) and "sawgrass" (discounted to $5 for a whole gallon!) and some sort of dusty rose (it's almost like red, I told Smiley).

When we moved into our house, it wasn't but a month later before we had roommates. Very soon, we won't have roommates for the first time in nearly three years. I think this will be an opportune time to paint, finally.

I'm not sure which colors are going where. I think that the light green - (that's the crocodile tears) - will go into the kitchen. The dusty rose will probably grace our extra bedroom, which is currently yellow.

I mentioned Smiley's only requirement is that all four walls in a room cannot be the same color? He likes to do two colors, one set for each opposing wall pair. So I'm thinking dusty rose and yellow. How bad could it look? (Don't answer that, please. Let's wait for photo evidence so you can accurately put words to this situation.)

In all honesty, I'm not really sure I'll have the free time required to paint even half of one wall. In my mind, by this time next month, our house will be freshly rearranged and painted. In reality, those discounted gallons of paint will probably continue to sit on shelves in our house, waiting for reaffirmation that they are wanted, and realizing that their only alternative is to slowly grow old alone and wall-less.

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