Saturday, November 3, 2012


Final day home with Silas tomorrow and then back to work Monday.. Oh I'll keep it together because I've gotta do what needs to be done, but inside my heart is breaking and thanks to the wonder of postpartum hormones and their magical "forget what happened" properties, it hurts more than my unmedicated labor.

We went to a wedding today and it was a very nice ceremony - one of those outdoor weddings where the couple stands in a gazebo overlooking ponds and giant trees and the ceremony was very heartfelt and beautiful.

Of course, the benefit to having a baby is that for now, I don't have to be interesting myself; I can just hold up Silas and be all "look at my baby!" and then people look at him and tell me how wonderful he looks and how he's such a good baby.

Smiley and I are lucky that he is such a good baby. I know that temperament can vary wildly from baby to baby, but Silas is calm and well behaved. I think that it helps that we hold him as much as possible, feed him when he is hungry, and do our best to attend to his needs. But I also know we could do the same with another baby and have different results. So I'm thankful for Silas.

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