Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blisters = The Worst

Awhile back, my husband "surprised" me by having several of our trees cut down. This had a treacherous downside; some vines tangled at the top of the tree ended up re-routed onto our bamboo fence. As the days and weeks (and, yes, months) went by, I watched the vines slowly attempt to take over the bamboo. But given that it's not easy to do outdoor chores with an infant and that, well, about a million things felt like a priority over vines, I did nothing.

Until today.

Today, Silas was starting to fuss, but it was a little bit early for him to take a nap. Into the stroller he went, and I parked him outside under the bamboo fence, away from the vined section. Then I set to work, grabbing the vines and hoping they weren't poison oak.

I didn't bother to look for my gardening gloves, because that would take time. I used my bare hands to grab the vines and pull as hard as I could. At some point, a dead branch fell from the sky. I kind of expected it, but it also kind of freaked me out that the only thing holding it up these past few months were those awful vines.

Well, the mosquitoes quickly attacked despite a healthy coating of insect spray, so I didn't get very far with my project, but I did get far enough to get a few tiny-yet-annoying blisters on my fingers.

That's the price I have to pay for marginally nicer-looking bamboo and also for being able to delay Silas's complaints for a good half hour. I guess one of these days he'll get to watch me trim the front azalea bushes!

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