Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Quick Moment of Posting

Silas is getting ever closer to being able to walk. When he stands up against something, occasionally he will forget that he doesn't know how to stand on his own and he will grab a toy with both hands. He will then stand there, completely supporting himself for a few moments. Then he looks down at the ground and falls over. Whoops!

It's not long, but when the end result is that he will be able to stand up and reach pretty much anything in our house (having a tall baby is sometimes the worst!), those few moments seem agonizingly long.

His current new favorite things to do include trying to take the recyclables out of the recycling bin, opening cabinet doors and attempting to smush his fingers in them, and pretending to lower his spoon into his bowl of food but then opening his hand at the last moment and grabbing a handful of mashed carrots.

In case you are wondering, no, this handful of carrots does not end up in his mouth.

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